Establishing paternity can change the direction of a life both for the parent and the child. Bezler Law Firm, located in Columbia, Missouri, helps both mothers and fathers sift through the legalities, and often messy issues, of establishing rightful paternity.

Paternity issues are particularly important regarding child support, custody and the physical health and emotional welfare of the child. Throughout Columbia, Missouri, and the surrounding areas, Bezler Law Firm helps resolve paternity issues that can greatly impact the life of a child.

Many of Bezler Law Firm paternity clients are mothers living in Columbia, Missouri, who are seeking child support. On the other hand, Bezler Law Firm also helps fathers who either want to prove paternity in order to gain visitation or custody rights or disprove paternity when being wrongfully named.

Belzer Law Firm helps clients establish paternity through:

  • DNA tests that can be ordered by the court if the father refuses to participate voluntarily
  • Sworn statements by the alleged father admitting paternity
  • Testimony about sexual intercourse during the conception period of the child
  • Resemblances between alleged father and child
  • Alleged father taking and checking mother into the hospital for the birth
  • Paying child support or providing for the child by the alleged father
  • Alleged father allowing his name to be recorded on the child’s birth certificate

Bezler Law Firm, located in Columbia, Missouri, practices only family law which includes divorce, legal separations, child support, custody arrangements, mediation, paternity testing and adoption to name a few.

When selecting a family law attorney to represent you, you need a professional who is willing to listen and to help you realize your immediate priorities and to anticipate your needs into the future. Bezler Law Firm takes time to show clients the big picture. We successfully represent family law clients in a variety of life stages and financial conditions.

Our goal is to help make your family life as solid as possible regardless of the situation you are facing. If you have any family legal questions or concerns involving family law matters, we are a law firm who cares, will listen and help you realize your immediate and long-term needs. Call Bezler Law Firm today for an initial consultation.