Bezler Law Firm can guide you through a successful mediation which can help you save time, emotional energy and money by avoiding a costly trial. During the mediation process our lawyer assists you in resolving issues outside of the courtroom. Each client is generally represented by counsel and a mediator (an attorney or other professional who is certified to mediate) works between both parties in order to develop a “middle ground,” or a plan acceptable to both parties.

Mediations are confidential, private, protected, and provide a neutral setting where the parties can air their grievances, identify the issues, and hopefully resolve some or all of them. Mediation is used in addition to or in place of a formal courtroom setting where problem solving can be achieved involving single or multiple issues and disputes.

Bezler Law Firm effectively helps solve problems by understanding the interests, needs, risks and options of both parties. Individuals do not necessarily have to get along in order to have an effective mediation.

Steps to a successful mediation:

  • Specific needs and interests are addressed rather than an adversarial standard used by the court, which often times doesn’t satisfy either party.
  • Both participants in the conflict have equal say in the resolution of an issue. When a case is before a jury or judge, restrictions can occur regarding the introduction of evidence. If one side does not like the imposed court’s outcome, he or she can appeal, or, in reality, may not fully comply with the court’s decision. Rather than rehash the same issues, participants in mediation are more invested in the resolution because they helped fashion it.
  • Participants can learn the skills necessary for resolving future disagreements. Having a supportive environment to work through challenging issues can help each person begin to see the bigger picture and these tools can be helpful for future issues as well.

Mediation does not always guarantee instant results but mediation can offer the opportunity to maximize satisfactory and durable resolutions for clients. Bezler Law Firm is here for your mediation needs, and we want to help you solve conflicts or issues in a manner that benefits your immediate needs and your family’s future.