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Bezler Law Firm successfully helps parents gain maximum benefits regarding child support in Columbia, MO and across Mid-Missouri. We understand how to help you avoid certain pitfalls regarding child support payments. Whether you are the parent making support payments, or the parent receiving support payments, we will help you devise an overall child support plan so that you know what to expect and how best to financially support your child.

As the custodial parent, there is nothing worse than the uncertainty of struggling with your child’s other parent regarding child support payments. It is your child’s right to receive financial support from both parents, and we are here to lawfully help you and your child obtain the benefits of regular, consistent child support.

Child Support Attorney in Columbia, MO

Missouri child support guidelines are based on an “Income Shares Model.” Child support payments are determined by applying specific guidelines that proportionally divide each parent’s income to establish what items and how much each parent will pay for the support of his or her child.

Other factors that the Missouri courts take into consideration when awarding child support include:

  • Emotional and physical condition of the child and the child’s educational needs.
  • Standard of living the child would have enjoyed had the marriage not been dissolved.
  • Financial resources and needs of the parents and the child.
  • Amount of time the child spends with each parent and the expenses that one might incur with the custody or visitation arrangements.
  • Reasonable work-related child care expenses of each parent.
  • Medical needs of the child and the cost of health/dental/vision insurance.

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