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The experienced attorney and staff at Bezler Law Firm provide a wide range of legal services to clients located in Columbia, Missouri and Mid Missouri in the practice area of Family Law.

Please use the list below to explore the specific types of legal services we offer or to find more information about each practice area which will help you determine what legal services will best serve your needs.


Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts in life, and we help countless families experience the happiness of adoption. The experts at Bezler Law Firm know the intricacies of adoption law and we can help you through this exciting, yet complicated process.

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Bezler Law Firm is a family law firm well versed with issues of alimony, now called maintenance or spousal support. In the state of Missouri, alimony or maintenance payments may be awarded to either spouse if the court finds certain conditions exist.

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Child Custody

Child custody issues are often complicated, emotional and can unnecessarily require a lot of time and expense without the right legal support. Bezler Law Firm provides expert legal support regarding the custody of your children.

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Child Support

Bezler Law Firm successfully helps parents gain maximum benefits regarding child support. We understand how to help you avoid certain pitfalls regarding child support payments.

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In the state of Missouri, a conservatorship is a legal process similar to a guardianship; however, it deals only with the financial affairs of an individual who has been deemed disabled or incompetent. The conservator has the authority to take charge of and manage the protectee’s property and money.

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Experiencing a divorce or dissolution of marriage (the term used by Missouri courts) can be one of life’s most stressful situations. Divorce presents major adjustments in many areas of life including finances, a division of property, living arrangements, child custody, child support, and parenting time.

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Family Law

Bezler Law Firm wants to be your family law advocates. We have many years of experience in family law which includes divorce, child support, child custody, legal separation, mediation, paternity determination, and adoption, just to name a few.

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Juvenile law involves three categories: delinquency (when a child commits an offense that would be a crime if committed by an adult), status offenses (when a child commits an offense that is only an offense because it is committed by a minor), and abuse and neglect (when a child is the victim of abuse and/or neglect at the hand of an adult).

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Grandparents’ Visitation Rights

Belzer Law Firm realizes that all children need as much love and stability as their extended families can provide. Grandparents are often an integral part of the children’s lives.

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Bezler Law Firm offers guidance with tricky issues that often come with guardianship law. Guardianship is a legal process whereby one individual is appointed by a probate court to have the authority and responsibility for the personal affairs of another person, whether an adult or a minor.

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Legal Separation

Many clients are initially uncertain about the difference between a legal separation and a divorce. Belzer Law Firm represents clients seeking a legal separation as well as those who prefer to obtain a divorce. With a divorce, you are no longer married to your spouse.

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Bezler Law Firm can guide you through a successful mediation which can help you save time, emotional energy and money by avoiding a costly trial. During the mediation process, our lawyer assists you in resolving issues outside of the courtroom.

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Modification of Custody, Visitation & Child Support

Life is about change and family life is no exception. When you need modification of an existing custody, visitation or child support agreement, Bezler Law Firm can help. Factors such as losing a job, relocating or suffering certain health issues can create an urgent need to modify an existing custody, visitation or support arrangement.

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Orders of Protection

Because of the unique and highly emotional nature of domestic violence, Missouri courts have orders of protection available to protect both children and adults who are victims of abuse. Sadly, statistics show a high repeat rate by offenders and victims need immediate help from the court in order to stop the abuse before it becomes life threatening.

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Paternity establishment is the process of making a man the legal father of his child or ruling him out as the father of a child. Once paternity is legally established, the father’s name is documented on the child’s birth certificate. Children need to have paternity established in order to receive heath benefits from the father’s insurance plan, claim a right to child support, and to inherit from their father.

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Spousal Support

Trying to determine spousal support (also referred to as maintenance and alimony) can be confusing. That is why it is important to call on Bezler Law Firm where we can help you achieve the best situation with spousal support issues.

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